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Time Away is Good

Here is something that I have learned from being married for 13 years. . . Time away is good.

I remember when we first got married, my husband would travel a lot.  I would whine about it.   I hated him traveling.  I didn’t want to be left alone.  I would make him feel bad when he had to leave.  I just didn’t handle it well at all.

Fast forward 13 years and things have changed a little.  Now, I actually enjoy time away from my husband.   You know the saying, “distance makes the heart grow fonder?”  For me, that is true.

I have learned that, in my marriage, some time apart is wonderful.  Difficult, but wonderful.   I am not talking long spans of time away.  I am talking several days, a week maybe.  Beyond that it gets really hard.

I enjoy the time on my own, when the kids go down.  The peace and quiet.  The ability to watch whatever shows I want on TV.  I watch chick flicks and think of him.  I get things done that, for some reason, when he is around I can’t get done.  I enjoy the time apart.  I savor missing him.

My husband has been out of town for the last 5 days.  I miss him dearly.  I  have a renewed appreciation for the things he does on a regular basis that I take for granted.  The moment he left one of the toilets overflowed for no apparent reason, the batteries in the alarm had to be changed, the change oil light in my car came on and  the trash bins had to be taken out.  I know it is very sterotypical, but these are things my husband would normally take care of.  Yes, I am capable of handling things on my own, and I did (Except for the toilet.  Sorry baby, I was at a loss there), but I miss having him around to help with the “manly” things.

More than that, I just miss seeing his face.  Watching TV with him.  Snuggling on the couch.  Late night talks.  Date night.  His presence in a room. His hugs. His flirting. His smell.  Knowing he is next to me in bed.

One of the best things about him being away is the anticipation of his return.  For the countdown of hours till his plane lands.

I can’t wait to see him.  To wrap my arms around him.  To feel that safety that I feel when he is here.  To give him a big smootch. To see his smile.

When he is on his way back from a trip everything feels kind of new again.  I feel young and giddy and silly.  Almost like when you are waiting for a date when a relationship is new.  The first hug and kiss. It is wonderful.  I am filled with a renewed love and appreciation for the man I have spent nearly my entire life with.

Yeah, all of the anticipation and good feelings don’t last long.  Soon things are back to normal.  Kids, work, chaos. But for a little while things are new again.  Fresh and full of appreciation.   That is always a good thing in a marriage.

I highly recommend a little time away so you can feel more connected 🙂

Welcome home baby!