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Valentines idea for spouse. One heart everyday from Feb 1st to Feb 14th

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No long post here today.  I just wanted to share an idea that I came across somewhere on Pinterest.  Of course now that I want to share it with you, I can’t find the post again.  But, regardless, this idea was posted from a Mom who did this for her kids.

Everyday, from February 1st to February 14th, she put a new heart on their bedroom door and wrote on it one reason why she loved them.  I thought this was such a sweet idea.  We don’t really have any Valentine’s Day traditions in our house.  Always on the lookout for bringing  tradition to our family, I thought this could be the answer to a new Valentine’s tradition.

But why make it just for the kids?  Hubby needs to hear all of the reasons why I love him too.

So, starting on the first of February, and every day since, I have been adding a  new heart to the wall telling them another reason why I love them.

Cheesy?  Probably.  But really, what more do we have in this world than our love?  And what could be more important that sharing it and making sure that the people who matter the most, know how much you love them.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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  1. Remembers, guys, flowers aren’t just for special occasions or when we’ve messed up!

  2. I love this idea – thanks for sharing it!

  3. I loved this idea and I wanted you to know I am going to use it for my hubby and my grandkids.I am going to give a heart every day to hubby to give to the kids dad to hang it up for me.They work together and it can be a surprise for them when they get up in the morning.Love this!

    • I am so glad to hear that you liked the idea as much as I did. I do my hearts before I go to bed at night. I love ending my day thinking about what I love most about my family. So much fun!

  4. Really nice idea. What if we took it a step further? What if we could do something like this all year, say on the first of every month? Then it wouldn’t just be an annual event. It would be an ongoing part of our routine. Or would it get old and lose its effect? I’m not sure.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your family.

    • Love the idea of doing it all year. I think it would be great. I think getting in the habit of saying reasons why you love those that are most important would be wonderful. I don’t think it would loose it’s effect if it was once a month in a thoughtful way.

      As always, thank you so much for stopping by. Always enjoy your comments. Happy Valentine’s to you and yours as well!

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